Tecate Creek Whitetails

About Tecate Creek Whitetails

Tecate Creek Whitetails is a TC1 facility and has been operating for over 20 years with outstanding purebred Texas genetics . Many of our does and bucks began with Gladiator, and improved over the years to produce many trophy breeder bucks. Veterinarians, Dr Gregg Farmer and Dr. Anthony Farmer are carrying on the tradition of our founder Brent Justice in producing quality Whitetails. Chronic Wasting Disease has been an issue in Texas for the last few years and Tecate Creek Whitetails is breeding for CWD resistance. This years one and half year olds are sporting 35 bucks that score ” SS on codon 96″ and GEBV negative, and countless does that will lead our ranch into the future of Chronic Wasting Disease resistance herds. We are producing Breeder Bucks, Breeder Does, Stocker bucks and Shooter bucks and would be glad to help you in anyway we can.